Incredible Crew Cuts -- Super Annoying Guy On A Plane -- Cartoon Network-201:14

Incredible Crew Cuts -- Super Annoying Guy On A Plane -- Cartoon Network-2

Super Annoying Guy on a Plane is a skit from the episode, Farting Grandpa of the Cartoon Network sketch-comedy series, Incredible Crew.


A super annoying guy (Shameik Moore) asks the woman next to him what time it is, When she trys to answer he starts yelling "its time to watch a movie!".He then starts watching a 3D movie and screaming "NO NO", then he starts pumping up balloon animals and handing them to the lady until she has a huge pile on her lap, listening to music proclaming "THIS IS MY JAM!",  And shaking a grape soda until it explodes launching Soda all over himself and the woman, At the end of the sketch the Captains Voice comes on the inter com and says "Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff" indicating the plane hasn't even taken off yet.

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