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Shauna Case (born July 17, 1997) is one of the cast members of Incredible Crew. She was born in San Diego, CA and has been a singer and actress since age 10. Shauna is a fearless, funny, and stylish entertainer who is skilled at singing, dancing, and songwriting. She was on Incredible Crew in December 31, 2012-April 11, 2013. She is known for characters such as Tlida Stacy the Overreacting Homecoming Queen Girl on Overreacting Girl in the Remote Broccoli Remote episode (episode 6) (February 14, 2013). In 2013, Shauna Case rapped "It's What You Do" with Jeremy Shada on Cartoon Network's "Speak Up, Stop Bulling".


  • She's the youngest cast member.
  • She began a theater/stage career in Erie, PA where she had various lead roles in plays and was selected for the Erie Playhouse Showstoppers ambassador troupe.
  • Shauna moved to Los Angeles at age 12 to further her career, taking up dance in the process. Her acting skills have been shown in TV shows as well as national commercials.
  • She is cowriting music with Eddie Galan, Billboard winning and Grammy nominated.
  • According to her website, she plans to be featured in more TV and film projects.
  • Speaking of Case's music, she releasd a pop song called "Some Kind of Fairytale" in March 2013 on her YouTube channel. In spite of the fact that it has garnered only around 5,000 hits, the song received much praise on Twitter and via

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