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Reading is Fun is the 7th sketch of Rodney Tape-Face


Chanelle: Alright, everyone so as you know the reading club asked us, The audio visual club, to make some commercial to help them get new members. So did anyone acually make a commercial?

(tristan raises his hand)

Chanelle: Anyone?

(tristan shakes his hand)

Chanelle: Anyone, else? Cornhelious i guess-

Tristan: Thank you, i did indeed make a commercial, it emphasizes the imagination of books! (turns on tv) 

Tristan in TV: come with me, to a place of fantasy a land where all your dreams, turn into reality. Read a book, just one and you'll be hooked in books you're a captain or a crook, or you can have another eye on your head. Your imagination will take you far away, just come and join the book club and you can leave your fears behind, When i read in book club i can be a train a train with a human face i am a train wth a face of a man. join book club, join book club when you read your favorite book you forget all about your mom, you forget, you forget all about your mom and all about your dad. (song ends)

Chanelle: thank you... Cornhelious, i guess we'll be using that one... Ok the mencing club has asked us to make a commercial.

(tristan raises his hand)

Chenelle: Anyone else? Cornhelious.

Tristan: Thank you, this commerical emphisizes the imangination of mencing!

(song starts, Sketch ends)

Incredible Crew -- Reading Is Fun -- Cartoon Network01:15

Incredible Crew -- Reading Is Fun -- Cartoon Network

first half

Weird incredible crew book song-002:12

Weird incredible crew book song-0

second half

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