Heavy Metal Science Fair is a song performed by cast member, Tristan Pasterick in the episode, Magic Video Game Controller.


Tristan: One, two, three, four!

Science fair! Science fair! Seek new knowledge if you dare! 

Science fair! Science fair! What's stronger a tiger or bear?

Follow me, everyone, I'll take you away!

To a place where volcanoes are made out of clay! 

Science fair! Learn things that you didn't know!

Like getting electricity from potatoes!

Can you turn your homework to a gelatinous blob?!

Can you make a beard out of corn on the cob?!

Can you jump so high that you'd touch outer space?!!!

Can you burp into a bucket and not leave a trace? 

Science fair! Science fair! Seek new knowledge if you dare!

How many squid could you fit in Times Square? Science fair!

Could you travel through time in a shopping cart?z

How many burritos do you eat before you fart? (One)

Is my mom a robot? Is my dog a ghost?

Which pizza do polar bears like the most?!!!!!z

Science fair! Science fair! Seek new knowledge if you dare!

Can you rock a goat to sleep in a rocking chair?!!!

Science! Science fair! Science fair!!!!!!!!!!!!! Science! Fair! Yeah! Get published!

(eats a bite of a burrito, farts)



  • This was shown on a preview of Incredible Crew where Tristan talked about music videos.

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