Alarm Beds is the 11th sketch of the second episode of Incredible Crew


Fake Ad for Alarm Beds


(the sketch starts with shameik in bed when his alarm clock goes off)

Narrator: Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Inroducing Alarm Beds!

Shameik: (sleepily) alarm beds?

Narrator: Just set the bed to one of several alarm opps, such as, Tuba! (tuba plays loudly in shameik's face)

Shameik: (sits up quickly) AAAAH!!!

Narrator: Fish Slap! (fish slaps on shameik's face 4 times)

Shameik: I'm up! And i smell like fish!

Narrator: Pillow Attack! (a bunch of pillows fall on shameik)

Shameik: What?!

Narrator: And for those really heavy sleepers, Just set the alarm to all three alarms to attack you at once! (all 3 alarms happen at the same time)

Shameik: No, No, Wait! (all three happen again) AAAAAH!

Narrator: And the Ejector Alarm! (alarm sounds and bed ejects shameik out of the shot) Alarm Beds! We dare you to stay in bed!

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